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New site Safety Stations rolled out to branches

The 'site safety station' idea was conceived during the 'site audit' process carried out by our Health and Safety team.



ISS is delighted to announce the appointment of Steve Mitchell as Managing Director of ISS Restoration.


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Technical Information

Bio Remediation (including oil contamination)


The traditional ‘Dig & Dump’ method of land remediation is time consuming, costly and an environmentally unfriendly solution, with land fill sites closing and European legislation making hazardous waste harder and harder to to get dispose of, ISS Restoration have adopted a new method first developed in USA to treat the land in situ without removal using a variety of application techniques.

The Approach

Each project is accessed individually and a full geological survey is undertaken, from this the appropriate delivery/remediation method is chosen, our products are then applied and in turn they break down any hydrocarbon deposits in the land in harmless  CO2 and Water. This process can typically take up to 8 weeks and does not involve the heavy groundworks engineering typical involved with removing the contaminated land to landfill sites across the UK, other chemical treatments often taking 6 – 12 months to complete.

Typical HydroCarbons our products can treat are Diesel, Heating Oil, Petrol, Paraffin, Lubricating Oil, Paint Thinners, Jet Fuel, Glycols, Toluene, Anti Freeze, Grease, Tars and many more.

The product is specifically designed to work with the minimum amount of equipment & labour therefore working at much lower cost, the lead time for the project from end to end is also greatly reduced which can save considerable disruption and costs.

Services Offered

Decontaminaiton of Land
Decontamination of Buildings
Geological survey and analysis of soil/water
Liaison with Environment agencies
Remediation in Confined spaces


Significantly reduced overall project and claim costs
Back-up of a full (before and after) geological report
Environmentally Friendly
Less disruptive
Cost effective

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